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Welcome to the start of something new!

Welcome to the start of something new!

I really want to drive home the “new” part, as I really don’t have any experience with blogging, or starting new and intimidating projects for the world to view!

Nevertheless, here am I.

What is this blog about anyway?

I’m not entirely sure myself. I know I want to reach people. I feel like I have things to say that maybe people will resonate with, maybe they won’t. Maybe these things will upset people, but maybe they will enlighten. I also want to form a community, I want to bring people together!

So while this is a blog that I am writing, and of things that I would like to share, I also want to hear from others. I want to learn as well. I welcome your speech, I welcome your opinions, hopes, worries, etc..

So welcome to the beginning of this path, let us see where it leads, and navigate the turns together!



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