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Our lot in life.

So my first real blog post will be somewhat fitting here..

The other morning I felt as though God wanted to speak with me about our lot in life; the cards we were dealt, the grass seeming greener on the other side.

See, this blog was something that I wanted to start for many reasons, but truthfully one of them being a way to make income as a stay at home mom. Life has been hard for so many during this craziness with COVID, and I am no exception. I have been wracking my brain on what kind of projects I could do while chasing 2 toddlers and tending to a newborn, and this was the only thing that didn’t include mess, or dangerous tools! Although, I don’t think a toddler and a computer are necessarily harmless either…

Anyway, our lot in life. Sometimes I think it would be easier with more, whether it be money, time, space, etc.. Other times -and most of the time- I am so grateful for all that I have, and all that I don’t have. I firmly believe that the trials in life make us stronger. I often look back at the hardships in my life with fondness, as many good things have come as a result of them.

So yesterday, God spoke to me about how many times we look at the grass on the other side, thinking how great it looks, while all the while we are simply neglecting our own. Perhaps you were given a dead, yellow lot, while your neighbor inherited the envy of the neighborhood. Instead of wasting time looking at what someone else has, go get yourself some tools and grass seed, and water that baby until it lives again!

So here I am, attempting to water my dirt hehe!

Many times, building from the foundation is much more rewarding.

Have a blessed day, I pray your lot thrives!



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